Vitamin D Lab Test With Nutritional Guidance


Purchase a high tech finger-prick Vitamin D test kit (fast turn around time of 2 to 3 working days). You will receive full instructions with the home test kit. Simply post the sample kit through a letter box and wait for ZingTality to release your lab test results.Read More

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After the test results are received, you will be emailed a nutritional advice sheet detailing how to maintain and correct a possible Vitamin D deficiency via supplementation. You will also receive full instructions on where to purchase a good quality Vitamin D formula, including how much to take to maintain and correct a deficiency.

  • Please Note: Lab Testing Listed On This Website Can Only Be Purchased By Only Those Individual Residing In The UK.

  • Having optimum levels of Vitamin D has been found to have many health benefits. For example, Vitamin D has been reported to support a healthy immune system and benefit bone health. Further the vitamin has been found to help regulate mood, consequently helping to prevent and alleviate depression. Interestingly a deficiency in Vitamin D has been reported to result in low energy levels and pain in the body, as well as many other symptoms.