ZingTality, a Nutrition Consultancy offers one-to-one bespoke advice to individual clients. These sessions can be held either in one of our London based clinic rooms, or held virtually from the comfort of your own home. You will be well taken care of by our company Nutritionist Ms Salma S. Khan who is the Founder of ZingTality, and who specialises in all matters related to Nutrition.

For some VIP clients mobile sessions may also be requested, and for this service a mobile phlebotomist is available should any lab tests be required (where a blood sample needs to be taken). Since ZingTality Has Clients All Across The Globe, Consultations Are Often Carried Out Virtually. You Can Book In A Digital Healthcare Consultation From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Office, Wherever You Are In The World! Click Here To Purchase Your First Virtual Nutrition Consultation


Not only does ZingTality hold Online Nutrition Consultations for individuals, we are also involved in Wellbeing Health Talks, Health Product Development, Menu Development (including Recipe Formulation) & with arranging Health Retreats. Click Here To Learn More About Our Other Services

ZingTality has also been involved in providing a Meal Prep Service for VIP clients & in providing Vegan Protein Balls to Cafés. In addition, ZingTality is excited to announce the launch of their Wellbeing Products that include various Supplements & Vegan Protein Powders. Get in touch should you wish to stock our wellbeing products.

Please Contact Our Sales Team Via The Contact Page For Any Business Related Enquiries


ZingTality operates primarily from London, however has also collaborated with other regions in the UK including Somerset. Further, ZingTality has been involved in a number of global health and nutrition related on-site projects based in Malta, Guatemala and Italy. In addition, we are also involved in introducing specialised nutrition related lab testing equipment to various countries around the world.

Our Founder, Ms Salma S. Khan takes a keen interest in serving the less fortunate and utilises her nutritional knowledge for this purpose. She has voluntarily worked for charitable organisations in various countries to provide nutritional education and much more.