Our ZingTality Nutritionist, Ms Salma S. Khan has worked full-time for The Good Guru, a premium supplement and health food company based in Surrey where she was involved in formulating several new health products such as protein oats of different flavours, various protein powders (including vegan varieties), other sports nutrition products and some supplements from inception to finish.

Salma has also worked for The Food Doctor to provide them expert advise on new health products being introduced into the market. As well as having worked for other companies on their supplement ranges and has nutritionally analysed healthy food products before they were launched into the market. Since non-disclosure agreements are often signed, not all these companies can be listed.


Contact ZingTality sales team to find out more about Nutritionist, Ms Salma S. Khan who is also a self-taught Graphic Designer. Her services include menu design, as well as menu development & recipe formulation. One of our biggest projects was based in a hospital in Guatemala.

Food analysis advice can be offered to health retreats, hotels, restaurants, cafés, work canteens, hospitals and airlines to help develop & improve the quality of food by assessing nutritional composition of meals and snacks.

We aim to help food businesses to develop and enhance nutritional content in food, advise the usage of natural high quality ingredients, as well as making gluten & dairy free suggestions. This valuable advice should help food businesses reach another level of success and stand out from the crowd.

Email ZingTality Sales Team For Further Details (Fees Vary Depending On Length Of Project & Requirements


ZingTality has been a VIP visiting wellbeing speaker at Amchara Health Retreat in Gozo, Malta. We are involved in organising nutritional health retreats, including women’s only health retreats in Malta. A health retreat offers a safe and relaxed environment to help induce a deep sense of relaxation.

Retreats are often organised in exotic beautiful locations to give individuals a sense of escapism.

Please email our sales department via the contact page to express your interest and join us on a journey to optimum health, where you’ll savour the most delicious raw vegan food you’ve ever tasted! To find out more about health retreats, and what their all about Click Here! Start planning your future travel plans & secure your place today for 2023!