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Ashwagandha, A Powerful Adaptogenic Indian Herb Has Been Found To Have Many Health Benefits. Adaptogenic Means That The Body Is Able To Adapt To Your Individual Needs.

This Ancient Indian Herb Has Been Found To Lower Stress & Anxiety Levels By Minimising The Release Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol – Just What We Need These Days!!Read More

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Known As The “Ginseng” Of Ayurvedic Medicine Due To Its Rejuvenating Properties, It Has Been Found To Enhance Energy Levels. Whilst At The Same Time, The Herb Has Been Used As A Sleep Tonic Particularly In Individuals Experiencing Insomnia, & As An Immunity Booster Too.

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  • This versatile herb has been famed for increasing a person’s resilience to stress by minimising the release of the stress hormone Cortisol. Consequently helping with inducing a calm feeling & in alleviating anxiety.

  • Meghan Markle is known to be a fan of Ashwagandha. It is believed that she took the herb to help with her pre-wedding jitters.

  • Further, Ashwagandha may help with weight loss in those experiencing chronic stress. Here’s the science why: High Cortisol levels have been linked to weight gain, particularly around the abdominal region by impacting blood sugar levels, hence why this incredible herb may help aid weight loss combined with a healthy diet.

  • In addition, the herb has been found to have anti-inflammatory benefits, it has been found to support thyroid function, enhance fertility health, as well as stabilise blood sugar levels & blood pressure.

  • Research suggests that the herb may even protect against various cancers.

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