Advanced Gut Test


The Advanced gut test is a great test if you suffer from bloating, IBS, anxiety and other digestive issues. The test pinpoints the root cause of these issues, and helps you to improve your symptoms knowing the direct cause. If you are lacking motivation or struggling to lose weight, this test could also pick up any gut-related reasons why this could be. 

Collect your stool sample when following your typical diet and lifestyle, so that your lab test results are representative to your normal routine. Read More


The Advanced Gut Test measures what bacteria are present in your gut, and also how effective they are producing key chemicals to help pinpoint where you should focus on to improve your gut health.

You will receive your lab test results detailing the health of your gut within a week of posting your sample, along with personalised information about how to improve the health of your gut.

Avoid collecting a sample if you have taken antibiotics in the last 4 weeks, are having a bout of illness or digestive issues such as diarrhoea or the day after a big night on the town. You may continue taking any supplements that you are currently taking.

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