Vitamin D Test


This easy to use finger-prick blood test kit accurately determines your Vitamin D status. Follow the simple instructions provided within the test kit, and post your blood sample following the clear instructions provided.

Understanding your Vitamin D levels allows a person to make the necessary diet, lifestyle and supplement changes to improve overall health. The test measures vitamin D2 and D3 to give your current Vitamin D test results, using just a few drops of dried blood.  Read More


Vitamin D plays a vital role in the body. Unfortunately few foods naturally contain Vitamin D, and only in very low amounts. Further, it is a challenge to acquire the required vitamin D levels safely through sunlight.

Kit Expiry:
Kits have a 6 month expiry date.

After sample collection, samples are stable for at least 2 weeks. However it is good practice to send the sample back to the lab on the same day that you collect your blood sample (preferably on a Monday to Thursday during working days, so that the sample can be processed quickly before the weekend).

Additional information

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