Food Intolerance Nutritional Guidance (Excluding Lab Test)


You will be charged an additional cost for a lab test prior to receiving Food Intolerance Nutritional Guidance. A link will be emailed to request payment for a Food Intolerance (IgG) Lab Test, so that payment can be made directly to the lab. The cost of the test ranges from £111.60 to £291.60, depending on how many foods you choose to be tested. ZingTality highly recommends opting for the highest profile (200+ items). This has proven most economical in the long run (as opposed to opting for 2-3 smaller profiles).Read More

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Food intolerances or IgG-mediated food intolerances (also known as a leaky gut) refer to abnormal reactions to certain foods that may manifest themselves in a number of different ways e.g. digestive issues such as bloating, as well as symptoms such as low energy, low mood/anxiety, headaches, acne, asthma, joint pain, premature ageing, increased inflammation, etc. Food intolerances of this kind usually result in a ‘delayed-onset’ of symptoms – these may occur several hours or days after sensitive foods are ingested.

Please Note: No Refunds Will Be Issued After Payment

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